Friday, August 10, 2007

East Bay Fun

A Day Trip to Port Costa

Okay, enough talk about the mortgage market and real estate. Time to have a little fun here in the East Bay. And what is a better than a day trip here in our own backyard. Ever been to Port Costa? Ever HEARD of Port Costa? Let's go!

Port Costa is a small outpost in the north end of the East Bay, just before you reach the Carquinez Bridge, and then east towards Martinez. And, I mean small. The population at the last census was 232! The town was founded in 1879 as a railroad ferry landing on the intercontinental railroad. It soon became the busiest wheat-shipping port in the country. Once the railroad bridge was built in Martinez in the thirties, the once thriving and colorful community started to slow down. Now, it is a fascinating step back into the past.

Vintage buildings line the old commercial district, and is home to two restaurants and a great old hotel. And it is a great site for antique spotting and shopping. The more popular events there are the annual car show, craft show, and talent show. The Port Costa Conservation Society is currently working with a team of volunteers to refurbish the old Port Costa School building.

As for dining, visit Port Costa and have a great meal at The Bull Valley Inn or The Warehouse. Both are old time architectural marvels. And the food is great! The Bull Valley Inn has an impressive wine list....and make sure to try the prawns.

Have a fun weekend!

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