Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghost Busting Tips

In all seriousness, and in the spirit of Halloween, it is time to share some ghost busting tips. As a real estate agent, we have to deal with all aspects of homes and the needs of homeowners. And, sometimes, a homeowner might believe that their home might be inhabited by a spirit. A few years back, I had to research some methods for ridding a home of ghosts, and thought I would share them with you as a treat on this Halloween day.

First, of all make sure that you have a ghost. Rule out all possible explanations for those drafty corners and squeaky doors. This means, call a handyman or contractor first..not a ghost buster.

The easiest way, according to ghost experts, is to speak to the ghost. Supposedly, ghosts are present due to unresolved issues from their corporeal life. Speak to them--even shout to them--that what they are looking for is gone, that what they need is taken care of, that it is time to move on. You might feel silly speaking into thin air, but it is supposed to be the most effective method.

Other tricks of the trade include using holy water, garlic, incense, hazelnuts, tricky mirrors and more. Of course, you can always welcome the ghost as well. Maybe you've got Casper the Friendly Ghost hanging around, which might be kinda fun. Or, an innocent poltergeist could be great for livening up a party.

A couple of websites to check out if you want more information are Hollow Hill or, the website for the Bay Area's own ghost hunter (who was also very entertaining on KFOG this morning). And, if you seriously have a ghost problem, let me know. As I always say, I'm happy to help. Even with ghosts! I can be reached at 510-547-5970 x57 or


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