Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The East Bay's "Green Corridor"

Four major East Bay cities--Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and Richmond--have announced that they will work together to create what they call the "Green Corridor," a business region comparable to the Silicon Valley that will focus on Green technologies and solutions. This is a terrific commitment that should greatly benefit the local economy and, of course, the earth.

According to the Oakland Tribune, the cities will work together to "create programs and policies that promote energy conservation, green construction, a green industry and more. They plan collectively to seek state, federal and private money for research, job training and job placement targeting high school and community college students."

I hope to see this take off in the coming years, and it feels like we have a huge head start with so many leading edge eco-friendly developers and companies like the Alameda County Computer Resource Center, the City of Berkeley's new solar initiatives, and companies like EcoHome Improvement, Build It Green, and Bio-Diesel Hauling. These are just the tip of the iceberg, of course, and don't forget Lawton Associates own green condo development Gate 48 in the Temescal district!

Living in the East Bay, it is just so easy to go green, and I am happy to see the local city governments providing the incentives and vision to take us even further.

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