Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Coolest House on TV

Friends and colleagues know that I love reality shows, and I'm currently very into watching Big Brother. Not only do I love the drama, but, as a real estate agent, I love this house! Hmmm, I wonder what it would list for?

The house has an Alice in Wonderland theme that is very fun. There are small doors to fall through, oversized beds and furniture, and teacups and chessboards galore. It would be very cool if they opened the house up for fans to wander through once the season is over. Hmm, maybe I can hire CBS to do my staging sometime...

As for the drama, we're rooting for Daniele all the way. She is a very smart player, yet doesn't seem deceitful in the least. While her dad is very difficult to tolerate, both for her and the audience, we laughed our heads off when Eric was mimicking him the other night. Eric can be quite annoying at times, but we love watching him pull off the goals that the viewers give him as "America's Player", like his stunt with Evil Dick. This competition is going to come down to those three players, I believe, so I won't even waste keystrokes on the others.

Normally I offer my real estate advice and services at this point in the post, but also let me know if you want to dish about Big Brother!

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