Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 Weeks to Halloween

Two weeks from tonight, I will be handing out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood. So, it is time to start getting ready for Halloween. See, we don't have to talk real estate 24 hours a day! I thought I'd share some pumpkin carving tips and ideas, and direct you to the terrific website--Extreme Pumpkins!

First you have to get your pumpkins, of course. Think about the design you want to do, then spend some time finding appropriately shaped pumpkins. Or, consider some other gourds. Or maybe even...a watermelon?!?

You are going to need a blade to do the carving with, and your blade should be thin, strong and flexible. A big kitchen knife is not usually your best option, and neither are the cheapo carving kits at the supermarket. Try a boning knife, or a handheld jigsaw if you have it. Make sure to secure the pumpkin so the knife doesn't slip, and do the work in a place where you can get really messy. And, if it is a complicated design, do a practice pumpkin first.

I like to carve the eyes and mouth into the top of the pumpkin, using the stem as a funny, scary nose. You might want to try a stencil, and the Extreme Pumpkins website has some great ones to download.

And, here some of the great winners from last year's pumpkin contest at Extreme Pumpkins . I love the Tiki pumpkin! If you need a pumpkin fast, check out the annual pumpkin patch at Piedmont Avenue and Pleasant Valley in Oakland, but if you have time for a day trip, check out the pumpkin farms in Bolinas, Fairfield or Half Moon Bay.

(All photos courtesy of --Extreme Pumpkins)

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