Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Berkeley Landmarks

Did you know that Berkeley has designated over 300 buildings as architecturally important? That is a lot! I wanted to make a smaller list of some my favorites--some that are on the list and some that may be there someday.

The Fish House--This elaborate Victorian was built in 1889 and is covered in shingles that resemble fish scales. A real beauty! Picture courtesy of Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA).

The Elmwood Pharmacy--A great old fashioned five & dime with a soda counter. A step back in time on the north end of Berkeley's Elmwood neighborhood.

The Julia Morgan Center for the Arts--It used to be St. John's Presbyterian, but know it is a great local stage. The photo is how it used to look (courtesy of BAHA).

The Bancroft Hotel--This used to be the College Women's Club for UC Berkeley, but now it is a cool hotel. And, I'm going there this Saturday for my nephew's wedding!

Amoeba Music--The incredible music and DVD store got its start on Telegraph by the campus, and has spread to the Haight and Hollywood. Some of the best browsing and terrific fun design.

Berkeley Rose Garden--This beautiful amphitheatre was part of the Civic Works Administration in the 30s and continues to inspire to this day. Photo courtesy of BAHA.

There are so many to list, and so many great architects have worked in Berkeley, like Julia Morgan and Olmstead. What are some of your favorites? Research other designated landmarks at the Berkeley Heritage website.

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