Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time to Organize your Home

A lot of us start to cocoon in the fall as the temperature cools and sun sets earlier and earlier. This is a perfect time to tackle those organization projects around the house. Less is more, and a clutter-free life makes for a happier life. Here are some tips for quickly getting yourself organized:

--Pretend You are Moving. Do you really need 20 rolls of duct tape and 4 different kitchen tongs and that stained sweater that doesn't really fit anymore. Get rid of what you just aren't using or don't need.

--2 Year Rule. If you haven't really used it in 2 years, you probably aren't going to use it ever again. Out it goes!

--Get Rid of those piles! You don't need to keep every piece of paper that enters your house. Most things can be found on the internet or the local library. Use those resources regularly and lighten the load on your house. Pay your bills online. Recycle junk mail as it arrives

--One Room at a Time. This doesn't have to happen this weekend. Think of this as a long term project that will keep you busy through the fall. Set a goal for yourself--declutter the house before guests arrive for the holiday.

--Recycle & Donate. Don't contribute to the land fill problem. Donate usable goods to local non-profit groups, and recycle as many things as you can.

Remember...less stuff equals less cleaning, less worrying, less dust...and more time and more space. Get organized and stay organized!

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